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Training Camp for ASU Football Begins Tonight- 7:30 PM at Kajikawa Practice Facility

Ah, college football.

For years, the seasons have changed, and with every turn of the leaves comes a new season of revelry and action on the gridiron. We begin the 97th season of Tempe Normal School/Arizona State (College, University) football tonight.

A long, long time ago, we were known as the Owls. This was even before we were known as Arizona State College. When the school earned more monetary funding from the state government and was known as ASC, we became the Bulldogs.


But since the day we began playing football at this great institution, we have dreamed of being the best. We've come very close (see 1996), and we've fallen flat when the situation demanded greatness (2007). Either way, this school has had many achievements that we can be proud of.

The highest paid linebacker in the NFL played college football right here on the hallowed Frank Kush Field. We get the pleasure of playing a semi-pro team each season, whether it be in Los Angeles or right here in Tempe. Our recruiting classes are strong, and our defense is incredibly stacked.

The season is full of potential, either pleasant or disastrous. Practice begins tonight, and fans are invited to attend. So show up if you'd like, the boys would be happy to see you.

The QB situation is still murky, but the outlook is bright. The Sun Devils are back, and they are ready to fight.

And best of all, we're undefeated.