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Thomas Weber Out 5-6 Weeks; Bobby Wenzig's Time To Shine

Thomas Weber had an MRI done on his groin and it looks as though we will be without the services of our 2007 Lou Groza award winner for 5-6 weeks.

How bad of a loss is this? Lets put it in perspective.

In Weber's career, he has made 48/56 field goals, and converted 80/83 extra point attempts. By every measure, Weber is a consistent and respected player. His leg isn't extremely powerful, but he can is 2/2 on career attempts over 50 yards, including a career high of 53 yards.

He punts at a 40 yards/punt average, and has been nothing but a team player.

Will Bobby Wenzig be able to fill Weber's shoes? No one can tell for sure. But he does not have the experience of our starting kicker, and going into Georgia it is going to be very important for Wenzig to have control of his emotions.

It is fortunate that Wenzig was given the opportunity to get into a college game last Saturday, converting 5 extra points and a 24 yard field goal. At least he won't have the first-game jitters that plague so many athletes.

While it is unlikely that the game will come down to a last second field goal, I can only hope for the best and believe in our young kicker. Go Wenzig and go Devils!