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ASU @ Georgia: How the Game May Play Out

Here's a quick rundown of how I expect the game to play out.

Coin Toss: Won by ASU, elect to receive.

If we win the toss, electing to receive will be the best option.  It gives the defense some time to settle into the atmosphere and prepare to take the field.  

1ST Quarter:  The Devils start with a quick first down, but are forced to punt at their own 38.  After a decent punt by Hankins, the Dawgs take the field and move the ball quickly against an overwhelmed D.  The D is able to recover and hold Georgia to a FG.  ASU will get the ball back with 6 minutes left in the 1st quarter, and drive to the UGA 25.  Erickson will elect to go for it on a 4th down, with little success.  We are going to really miss Weber.  End of the first quarter and its UGA 3 ASU 0.

2ND Quarter:  UGA starts the quarter with a big play to who else, AJ Green.  They quickly get inside the 5 and Joe Cox sneaks it into the endzone to take a 10-0 lead.  After a decent return by Bolden, Nance breaks off for a 30-yd run to the UGA 40.  Sullivan will complete a pass across the middle to Williams who will dance his way into the UGA redzone.  A few more Nance runs bring ASU to the UGA 13, where Wenzig enters for a FG.  After making it, its a 10-3 UGA lead.  UGA will return the favor and take a 13-3 halftime lead.


3RD Quarter: UGA starts with the ball and gets a quick return to the ASU 45.  Three quick passing plays later, and Green scores to put Georgia up 20-3.  The Devils receive the ball and piece together a solid drive, led by catches from Mcgaha and Robinson.  Bass enters and runs into the endzone from 18 yards out, and the Devils close the gap to 10 points.  Georgia 20, ASU 10.  UGA gets the ball and drives to their own 48 before the defense shuts them down.  Williams fair catches at the ASU 10, and Sullivan gets back on the field to try and carry the Devils back to the endzone.  Sullivan throws a screen pass to Dewitty and the Devils begin their drive.  After 2 straight runs up the middle for 2 yards, Sully throws incomplete and forces the Devils to kick.  End of the 3rd Quarter, UGA 20-ASU 10.

4th Quarter:  Richard Samuel breaks loose for a 40 yard run followed by a 30 yard bomb to Aron White, and UGA quickly gets up on the scoreboard.  Georgia takes a 27-10 lead.  After three straight 3 and outs, the Devils have the ball with 5 minutes remaining.  A few short passes to Williams and Nance carry ASU to the UGA 40.  Nance catches a quick dump-off pass, and ASU gets the ball to the UGA 18.  Sullivan completes a pass with Javon Williams to bring the Devils to the 4.  After three incomplete passes, the Devils are forced to go for it on 4th and goal.  Sullivan drops back and gets sacked, and UGA gets the ball with 2:20 to go.  The Devils D is unable to stop the Bulldogs, and Georgia runs out the clock.  

Final Score Prediction:  UGA 27 ASU 10.

We are 1 hour from gametime, and the report is its pouring rain in Athens.  Let's hope for an upset and a big road win for the Devils!