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Andrew Walter Cut, Carpenter Gets a Chance to Play

It is an interesting day of news for two Sun Devil Alumni QB's. Andrew Walter was released by the Patriots in an interesting move, a day after not getting to take a snap in the Pats preseason game. It is puzzling as to why the Patriots would sign Walter if they weren't going to give him a chance to prove himself. Instead, Brian Hoyer appears to have solidified the back-up job incase Tom Brady goes down.

Rudy Carpenter on the other hand should get a chance to show off his skills in the Cowboys final preseason game against the Vikings. Carpenter has only taken one snap so far this preseason, however the Cowboys are planning on resting Romo and Kitna. Their third QB, McGee is out with a sprained MCL, which leaves all of the snaps for Rudy. The Cowboys are very unlikely to keep Carpenter, as it is almost unheard of for an NFL team to keep four QB's on their roster. Tonight simply gives Carp a chance to prove that he belongs in the NFL, and perhaps show off his skill-set to other QB needy teams. It is always nice to see a Sun Devil playing in the NFL, and hopefully both Carpenter and Walter find a team to call home.

"I think I've had a good camp to be honest with you," the rookie [Carpenter] said. "I've done well throughout OTAs and mini-camp and now training camp. I just haven't had an opportunity to play."

"But I'll get one this week."