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First Impressions From Week 1; ASU wins big, 50-3

Lets take a quick look at last night's game.

  • Mike Nixon looked incredible last night. His experience, wisdom and superior talent really shone through. We're going to need him to come up big all season if we want to achieve the goals we are capable of.
  • Thomas Weber is looking pretty good, even if he missed one of his chip shots.
  • Danny Sullivan appears to be more comfortable than I've ever seen him before in a Sun Devil uniform, but Brock Osweiler looked poised in the pocket as well. Watch out, Danny.
  • The new jerseys look fantastic (see above).
  • Is anyone else concerned about the lack of a running game? In reality, we barely scratched the surface of what we should be doing on the ground.
  • I expect Gerell Robinson to be increasingly utilized over the course of the season. He's a quality player.
  • I am very happy with Cameron Marshall's first appearance in maroon and gold, he played well for a freshman.
  • Finally, Idaho State is truly brutal. I am embarrassed that we played such a creampuff when there were such better options at the time we made our schedule.
  • The Sun Devils are now 1-0, and are undefeated!