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Gymnastics Corner: Q&A with Kaitlynn Bormann of the Lady Devils

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 Lady Devils Gymnastics team. (Photo: ASU)
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 Lady Devils Gymnastics team. (Photo: ASU)

As I promised in my New Year's article, we are here to celebrate the student-athletes of Arizona State. To help fulfill that commitment, I have been given the great opportunity to have an email interview with Kaitlynn Bormann, a four-year competitor on the gymnastics team here at ASU.


Stock photo of Kaitlynn from her official bio on the ASU website.

Kaitlynn participated on the bars, balance beam, and in the vault in this weekend's match-up against rival Arizona. Unfortunately, the Wildcats came away with the victory, the final tally being 195.675 to 194.900.

This was an extremely close competition and the Lady Devils achieved a season high with that 194.900 total. Their previous season high, 192.825, came in a victory over California in Berkeley on January 17.

While it is still too early to tell how the 2010 season will turn out, these gymnasts are working extremely hard and deserve to be recognized for that fact.

Cory Williams: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions... This is your final season competing for the Maroon and Gold. What has been the best part about your career here in Tempe, and what will you miss most?

Kaitlynn Bormann: The best part about my career here in Tempe are the unforgettable relationships I've made with my teammates. I'm from New York so I'm pretty far from home so the team is like my family out here.

That's probably what I'll miss the most. Not getting to see the girls everyday and being a part of something so memorable and special.

CW: Your head coach, John Spini, has been the coach of the Gym Devils for 30 years. How does his experience and coaching ability improve your gymnastics squad? Will he be around for another 30 years?

KB: John's 30 years of experience is definitely something many teams don't have. He has been around a long time and seen and experienced more than any of us could truly know. This experience helps a significant amount when it comes to dealing with all the different types of situations that come up.

No matter what happens, he knows how to get the team through it and gives the team confidence to be able to get through anything. He also knows very well which aspects of being a collegiate gymnast are important and which ones don't seem to matter as much in the long run.

This is great because you only get 4 years here and it goes fast. You want to be able to remember the things that are great and that matter the most to you.

CW: The video of your balance beam work against Missouri last season is amazing.

How did that moment feel?

KB: Thank you... that moment felt great. It was our season opener and it felt amazing to come out on my favorite event and do a routine like that.

CW: Finally, what do you plan to do after you graduate from ASU?

KB: My plans are not set in stone but my future plans include taking some more classes and going to Physician Assistant school and staying active as much as I can.

I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to Kaitlynn for taking the time out of her busy life as both a student and an athlete to exchange questions and answers. She has a very bright future.

If you want to know more about Kaitlynn, you can check out her official athletic bio here. That link will also give you access to the current schedule and results of 2010.