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Sun Devil RPI Update: January 9, 2010

I got the idea for this from SBN's Kansas State blog, Bring On The Cats. They do this quite frequently, and I found it pretty interesting.

Current Arizona State AP Ranking = NR

Current Arizona State ESPN/USA Today Ranking = NR

Current Arizona State Record = 11-5

Current Arizona State RPI = 94

Pomeroy Ranking = 26

Current Arizona State SOS = 124

Great Wins (RPI 1-50) = San Diego State (RPI 26), Washington (RPI 46)

Solid Wins (RPI 51-100) = None

Bad Losses (RPI 101 or greater) = UCLA (RPI 183)

"Quality" Losses (RPI 1-50) = Duke (RPI 2), Brigham Young (RPI 29), USC (RPI 48)


What are our best chances to improve our resume in the coming months?

  1. Play like the 2007 ASU football team and win the games you are capable of winning. Losing at home to Stanford will really hurt our chances this year, and we can't have a lapse like that after the horrible trip to California.
  2. Get some signature wins in Pac-10 play. We just boosted our Pac-10 resume by taking care of #24 Washington. In order to earn more respect, we must defeat our opponents with quality RPIs: California (RPI 36, home and away series), Washington (RPI 46, road game), and USC (RPI 48, home game).
  3. Make a statement in the Pac-10 tournament. Another run to the title game would all but cement, at the very least, home court advantage in the NIT.