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Sun Devils Now 3-3, Beat Washington 24-14: The Good And The Bad

From what we witnessed last night, the Sun Devils put together a good game and controlled the ball effectively. Jake Locker was unable to get anything going against the ASU defense.

Steven Threet only threw one interception, Mike Willie caught five passes for 96 yards and a score, and Kyle Middlebrooks averaged 8.3 yards on seven carries.

Heck, Vontaze Burfict stepped up and played under control. He had to be removed from the starting lineup, but it seems as though coach Erickson got through to the hot-headed linebacker.

ASU only gave up 31 yards on four penalties, a marked improvement over previous weeks. Really, everything looked good against the Huskies. Well, almost everything.

Thomas Weber missed two field goals in the second half, causing the game to be closer than it needed to be. They weren't short kicks, at lengths of 47 and 40 yards, but Weber is supposed to be an elite kicker. He cannot allow the wet weather to limit his effectiveness.

All in all, I was pleased with this game, and if Weber can get his act together, the Sun Devils can be a factor in the Pac-10 this season.