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Devil Dish: Midweek News From The Sun Devil Bye Week

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Wednesday of a bye week. The Sun Devils have time to catch up a little in their studies and spend some more time on campus.

After two consecutive road games to the Pacific Northwest, ASU will have to travel north again next week to play California, so they need to enjoy it while they can.

Here's some links for your reading pleasure - expect to see a midseason report on the Sun Devils today or tomorrow.

Midseason report: Arizona State - Pac-10 Blog - ESPN
Arizona State Sun Devils Record: 3-3, 1-2 If Arizona State gets out of its own way, it might make a bowl game.

Doug Haller on ASU football - Tuesday's practice report
As they started their bye week, the Sun Devils returned to the basics in many respects. For example, the defense spent a lot of time on stripping ball-carriers and pressuring the quarterback.

Bucking the trend pays off for Sun Devils
Red-zone inefficiency? ASU was 4 for 6 on Saturday. Penalties? A season-low four infractions for 31 yards. Early defensive problems? The Huskies scored just seven points in each half.

Sun Devils shy away from Deantre Lewis - College Fantasy Football Insider
College Fantasy Football Player News: Sun Devils shy away from Deantre Lewis

Sun Devils not relaxing during bye week
ASU's practices promise to be high tempo during short hiatus.