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Sun Devil Gameday: Beaver Fever In Corvallis

ASU is taking on Oregon State. Two teams that, on the surface, are mediocre with a combined 3-4 record. Lets see who the losses have come from, though:

#3 Boise State (in Boise)

#4 TCU (in Dallas)

#5 Oregon

#11 Wisconsin (in Madison)

Essentially, these programs are exactly where you'd expect them to be: one tier below the big boys, but still full of potential. This could be a great game with two underrated squads facing off.

I personally believe that the Sun Devils can pull this game off. They are looking for real wins, not moral ones after all.

As for the mistakes made in the past few weeks by both teams, its whether or not they learned from them that is important.

 Steven Threet must not throw interceptions, but needs to continue passing for 300+ yards a game. Shut down Jacquizz and force the young Ryan Katz to make the plays. We'll be covering this game at length later, so please stop by.