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Sun Devils Piss Away Another Game, 31-28

I am so sick of this team. They consistently let me down, and today was no exception. Steven Threet threw so many picks, and the defense was unable to stop Jacquizz Rodgers. It was so typical; so Arizona State.

Will Vontaze Burfict ever stop inciting violence on the field? Will he reel in his uncontrollable anger and be a solid player? At this point, midway through his second season, it's hard to tell if he can put it together.

In the end, this team needs to put together a cohesive effort for a full 60 minutes if they intend to win some games in Pac-10 play. At this point, they haven't shown the consistenty required for such an endeavor. Chalk this loss up to a lack of responsibility between the players and the coaches.