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Q&A With California Golden Blogs: Sun Devils And Bears, Oh My

The guys over at CGB are a cool bunch, and their website is extremely busy with fans and alumni alike. Here are their answers for us in regards to this weekend's game between Cal and ASU.

Thanks a lot guys! My answers to their questions should be up on their site soon.

1. What do you think of the Pac-10 this season? Washington loses to ASU but pulls off the upsets on USC and Oregon State, and UCLA kicks Texas butt and gets romped by Cal. What the heck?
Kodiak - Parity and uneven QB play. The teams at the top of the standings are getting consistent performances from their QB and Oline. 
2. Talk about Shane Vereen a little. Where do you see him in 3 years?
Kodiak - Great all-around back. Good vision, patient setting up blocks, more power than you'd think for his size, has a knack for slipping tackles and falling forward for an extra yard, dangerous as a receiver.  About the only thing he needs to work on is his blitz pick-up/pass-blocking.  He'll be in the league in 3 years.
3. What's the most vulnerable facet of the California defense? They are sack/fumble machines.
Kodiak - Blown assignments. The emphasis all year has been on aggressively getting upfield.  It makes for a highlight reel when you get there, faceplant when you don't.  We've really had issues with mis-direction plays.  (cue 'sc)  I thought they had turned a corner after Nevada with strong efforts against Zona and ucla.  Our secondary and Dline have been pretty solid.  But we have one OLB(Browner) who isn't playing too well, and our best ILB(Mohammed) is still hurt.  LB depth is suspect.
4. Cal is 3-3 right now. Where do you see them finishing and what are your reasons?
Kodiak - Optimistically, we could finish 6-6 with a mildly deluded chance at 7-5.  Fortunately, we play better at home than on the road and many of our winnable games are at home.  We have a decent chance at beating ASU, Wazzu, and UW.  Very little chance at beating OSU or Oregon.  Normally, I'd say we have little chance against 'furd, but it's the Big Game and at home which tends to make it more of a toss-up.
5. Is anyone really afraid of ASU? Have you been watching them at all?
Kodiak - We're all very afraid.  'Haven't seen much, but we already knew you had a formidable defense.  Now that Threet is providing some decent QBing, and the Oline is playing better, it's more than a little worrisome.
6. One of our writers is headed to the game. What's the best Memorial Stadium experience?

Kodiak - Well, he picked a bad day for a great experience - looks like rain.  So, maybe hit Raleigh's for a few cold ones, Top Dog for some brats on the way up?  And be prepared for nasty weather.

LeonPowe - Top Dog and one of Bear's Lair/Henry's/Raleigh's before the game. Top Dog is a hot dog stand located on Durant north of Telegraph. Those three bars tend to attract slightly different crowds, but since we're an urban campus and don't really do traditional tailgating well, a lot of the pre-game stuff happens at those 3 bars. Otherwise, see the Cal band play the pre-game show on the steps of Sproul Plaza, and walk up to the stadium with the band. Make sure to look over the west rim of the stadium towards the Bay for the best view in college sports. If its a contentious game, try not to walk back into town via frat row.