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The Sun Devils of Old Show Up for the 1st Half

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It's been ugly. Like, really ugly. ASU of '08 and '09 ugly. If there were one bright spot today, I'd share it with you. The offense has been non-existent. The D has looked porous upfront and in the secondary. Thomas Weber missed a 37 yard field-goal. That's the story for how the Sun Devils are down 26-3 in the first half.

Threet started the game off with a series of errant throws, running into some luck, and Weber capitalized on a FG. After that, it was all Cal. With 2:58 left in the 1st quarter, Cal drove the ball 72 yards in 4 plays ending the drive with a Shane Vereen direct snap TD. The very next drive Riley hooked up with Keenan Allen for a 4 yard TD toss. After a blocked extra point, the Bears led 16-3. 3 Minutes later, Riley threw a 52 yd bomb to Marvin Jones to put the Bears up 23-3. With the half winding down, Riley led the Bears on a 1:30 drive passing all over the Sun Devils and bringing the Bears inside the 10 yard line. The Bears kicked a FG as time expired to give them a 23 point first half lead.

It's going to take a much greater effort from ASU to pull back in this one.