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A Game of Misery: Sun Devils Lose Big To Golden Bears, 50-17

This was one to forget. Erickson should be ashamed that after a bye week, the team looked as unprepared as they did. ASU hasn't beaten a Pac-10 team that doesn't hail from the state of Washington since 2008, when they beat UCLA 34-9.  It's the sad but true story of ASU football. Samson came in to take over the offense in the 2nd half, but didn't add much life to it.  As the rain picked up, the offense stayed put.  The only ASU TDs came from a blocked punt which was returned for a TD and a fumble that Clint Floyd returned 25 yds for a TD.

Flags + drops + bad tackles + horrible protection = the equation for losing.  The Devils would've been better off staying in AZ, and forfeiting. This was one of the worst performances I've seen from this team in awhile. It was almost as if they had no shot from the beginning.  The Devils go on to face WSU next week at home, which doesn't look like as easy of a win anymore. If this team has any resiliency, they will show up next week in a big way, after being embarrassed in Berkeley.

Here are the concerns from todays game:

Injuries: Oliver Aaron, Steven Threet, and Shelly Lyons all left todays game.  Lyons left on crutches, something to look out for in the upcoming week.

Penalties: The undisciplined play came back again and although it hardly made a difference, it is disappointing.

Thomas Weber: Still can't kick.  Where is Bobby Wenzig?

Steven Threet: 2 First half interceptions along with numerous other passes that could've been intercepted.  He's got to find a way to stop making mistakes, find the check down receivers, or throw the ball away.

Defense: Where was it?

Kick Coverage: Where was it?

Well, it is time for me to make a cold and rainy trek back through UC Berkeley's campus and get on the BART for what should be a long, painful ride back home.