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ASU Homecoming: Washington State Looks For First Pac-10 Victory In Tempe

I am very nervous about this game. Arizona State is taking on Washington State, and while the Sun Devils have a much better record and home-field advantage, the Cougars have something ASU doesn't: swagger.

No, Wazzu is not a good team. They haven't won in the Pac-10 since their victory over Washington in the Apple Cup of 2008. The problem is that they are hungry for a win, and ASU appears to be ripe for the picking.

After getting their barn doors blown off in Berkeley to the tune of an embarrassing 50-17 defeat to Cal, the Sun Devils must show some steely resolve against Washington State. It's not good enough that they almost beat Wisconsin, or that they gave Oregon a run for their money. They are 3-4 and have only beaten one FBS team in five tries.

This is homecoming for ASU, though you wouldn't know it by the sparse ticket sales and the lack of enthusiasm regarding the football team. Many fans are already looking forward to basketball season.

ASU, I dare you to come out and make this a game to be proud of. To decimate a terrible team and give us hope for the future and the rest of the season. Give us reason to come to the Stanford and UCLA games, and give us something to cheer for. Go Devils.