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The Matchup: Arizona State Sun Devils @ Washington Huskies, Or Stopping Jake Locker

The two teams meeting tonight in Seattle are headed in opposite directions. Washington is fresh off an upset victory over then-ranked USC, and the Sun Devils have lost 3 straight games after kicking off the year 2-0.

Huskies QB Jake Locker is rediscovering his dual threat talent, utilizing both his arms and his legs to keep defenses honest. Sun Devils QB Steven Threet is discovering his interceptions are causing ASU to lose winnable games.

In last weekend's win in Los Angeles, Locker threw for 310 yards and ran for 111. Chris Polk, Washington's running back, added 92 yards on the ground. This is an offense that can exploit a weak defense.

On the other side of the ball, UW gave up a lot of rushing yards to the Trojans (300, to be exact). ASU RB Deantre Lewis will be given a solid opportunity this evening to show what he is capable of against a mediocre run defense.

In order to beat a team like Washington, ball possession is crucial. I know that I say that all the time, but it's especially true in this case.

Jake Locker can control an entire game with his skill set, taking a 60-minute football game and making it a race to the end. In order to win, the Sun Devils must be efficient, run the ball, and limit turnovers.

Deantre Lewis must be featured prominently, as he has proven time and time again that he is a quality back with a lot to offer. RB Cameron Marshall will also see a lot of playing time, as with his size he can be difficult to bring down.

This game will decide the rest of the Sun Devils' season. Will they be 3-3 going into the second half, or does ASU fall to the bottom of the Pac-10 for another year?

Prediction: ASU 34, Washington 27