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Halftime Report: Sun Devils Control Game Against Washington, 21-7

Jake "Heisman" Locker didn't impress me this half. ASU looks to be in control, having a lead of 21-7 at halftime.

Steven Threet has been party to all three touchdowns in the first half, rushing for one touchdown and connecting with Gerrell Robinson for the first score, while working with Mike Willie for the second passing TD.

Given Locker's name for big plays, the Sun Devils have a long way to go before they can anoint themselves the winner of this game. But after seeing a full half of play, ASU is by far the better team. There is no question of that.

Threet needs to find the open man without throwing a screen out to his running backs - that play is risky at best, and exposes us to needless "was that a lateral?" discussions.

I've been impressed with Middlebrooks. He has quick feet and Threet has also looked fantastic. All in all, the Sun Devils are here to win - and Locker will not stop this from happening.