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Stanford vs. ASU: Sun Devils Look For Upset Against Cardinal, GameThread

Well, lets get this one started. Please refer to my previous posts regarding this game, where I foolishly believe that the Sun Devils will pull off the upset. Optimism is hard to come by, but hope springs eternal.

Stanford vs. ASU: Why The Sun Devils Will Win Tonight - House Of Sparky
ASU has had a lot of trouble winning against quality competition in the recent past. In fact, it has been considerably difficult for the Sun Devils to win games that count. All of that will change tonight, as the Stanford Cardinal will fall in Tempe tonight.

Devil Dish: Sun Devils Face Tough Stanford Squad Saturday - House Of Sparky
Here we are again, Sun Devil fans. Tomorrow we will know for certain whether or not ASU still has a chance to go bowling this holiday season after this matchup against the 6th-ranked Stanford Cardinal.

Stick around and post about the game - it's on TV!