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What's Wrong With Rihards Kuksiks?

Through the first three games of ASU's basketball season, one thing is very clear: there is something wrong with Rihards Kuksiks. Statistically, his performances are unimpressive. After the Sun Devils defeated Houston Baptist on Thursday evening, this is what Rihards Kuksiks has done in 2010-2011:

  • 8 for 30 from the field, 26.67%
  • 5 for 23 from three-point range, 21.7%
  • 5 rebounds, 1.67 per game
  • 3 assists, 1 per game
Kuksiks' value is derived from his high field goal percentage and willingness to hustle for rebounds. Without either of these factors, Kuksiks is not as valuable of a commodity, as he is often exposed on the defensive end. 

The most likely scenario? Kuksiks is in a rut and will work himself out of it. But with Kyle Cain showing a lot of promise, Kuksiks does need to turn in a signature performance soon. As a point of reference, it took Rik three full games in 2009-2010 before, in the fourth game of the season, he scored 27 points against San Francisco. Will he repeat that on Friday in Anchorage?