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ASU Bowl Waiver Denied

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The Sun Devils will be staying home for the holidays. Their waiver request was denied by the NCAA, and the 6-6 ASU squad will not be allowed to play any more this year. It was thought that the Sun Devils may have a case, considering their FCS schedule was forced upon them by San Jose State, but this was to no avail.

Regardless, last night's game was the best way to end the season that I could imagine. The Wildcats lost the Territorial Cup, and the Sun Devils reign supreme in the Grand Canyon State. Never thought that would happen just a few months ago.

Dennis Erickson, ASU Head Football Coach
"It is a pretty steadfast rule, but I thought we had a chance in our discussions with the NCAA because of our situation. They didn't OK it and I understand that. We end up going 6-6 and beating the University of Arizona. We would have liked to have played another game, but we didn't win seven games, that's the bottom line. We did finish the season like we wanted. I'll take that game last night over any bowl game."