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Essential Game For ASU Today Against The Oregon Ducks, 4:00 MST

Every game remaining on the schedule is a must-win. There is no room for a letdown against a terrible Pac-10 opponent. Oregon is 12-11 and 4-7 in conference, which implies one thing: we should win today. Does that mean it will happen? I'm not so sure.

After witnessing firsthand the monstrosity that was the Oregon State game on Thursday, our weaknesses may have been fully outlined, the "playbook for beating ASU" revealed. By stretching the zone against us, the Beavers forced Derek Glasser and Jamelle McMillan to handle the ball for long periods of time, passing back and forth like it was a hot potato.

Meanwhile, our wings stood in corner on the baselines, waiting for something to happen. Eric Boateng and Taylor Rohde tried not to get 3 second calls against them. It was ugly. While we won, I hated the entire game from start to finish. If we can't break a zone against OSU, we are in serious trouble.

What is needed is an infusion of speed. I am calling for increased playing time for Demetrius Walker, a speedy talent who can light up the mid-range game with his slashing abilities. At 17-8, we are an outside shot for the NCAA Tournament unless we can go on a huge winning streak. With 6 games left in the regular season, that is entirely possible.

22-23 wins can still get us into the dance, but we need to take care of the lower-level teams first. Down with the Ducks!