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NCAA Bubble Watch, February 18

When ASU doesn't play for an entire week, things can get a little... stagnant. With that in mind, lets take a look at ESPN's incredibly handy "Bubble Watch" scoreboard.

There are several moderately important bubble games tonight.

#21 Pittsburgh @ Marquette (bubble team, 16-8, 7-5 Big East): When you break down this matchup, you just hope Pittsburgh can beat a tough team on the road. Pitt is currently winning 20-18, but this game is dangerous for all Pac-10 bubble dreams. Can be watched on ESPN360.

USC @ Washington (bubble team, 17-8, 7-6 Pac-10): Luckily, Washington is at home this weekend and can improve their record against a good USC team tonight.

California (bubble team, 17-8, 9-4 Pac-10) @ Oregon State: California should romp here.

Saint Mary's (bubble team, 21-5) @ San Diego: One can only dream that the 9-18 USD squad can take this game down. Can be watched on ESPN360.

On to the final scores in the books...

#18 Vanderbilt won 82-78 at Mississippi (bubble team, now 17-8 and 5-6 in SEC play): This was a big win for Vanderbilt and a huge letdown for Ole Miss. They needed this win; now they look like complete pretenders.

Florida (bubble team, now 18-8 and 7-4 in the SEC) beat a mediocre Auburn team at home, 78-70. Florida may actually have a good shot at getting into the 2010 bracket.

Dayton is now 18-7 after beating La Salle. Wonder how they are going to play into the tournament selections.

I'm cheering for Pittsburgh, California, Washington, and San Diego tonight. The more the good Pac-10 teams win, the more respectable our records begin to look.... right? RIGHT?