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Dear Lisa Love, Speak For Yourself

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As many of you have heard, Portland State has been written in permanent marker on the Sun Devils football schedule.  So what does our daunting out of conference schedule look like?  Portland State(FCS), NAU(FCS), and Wisconsin.  Scheduling 2 FCS teams means the Devils have to win 7(assuming they win against both NAU and Portland St.) in order to go to a bowl game.  Like we don't make things difficult enough for ourselves.

Talks with schools like South Florida, Cincinnati, Kansas State, and Nevada all failed, leaving ASU in search of anyone...ANYONE...who was available to play.  What bothers me most about this is Lisa Love sugar-coating the disappointment. 

"We're pleased Portland state said yes, and we'll make it work," ASU Vice President for Athletics Lisa Love said. "We're playing a western regional team. Our fans can appreciate that instead of bringing a (FBS) team from another part of the country they may not be familiar with."


HELLO? No one is familiar with Portland State Football.  I would MUCH rather see a FBS team from a different part of the country that I am not familiar with.  Make it a road game and have ASU travel to a team like Cincy, KSU, USF.  It surely can't hurt for the Devils to play across the country and get some exposure.  I can tell you what ABC/ESPN/CBS/NBC/FSN will not be covering... ASU vs Portland St.  This game will most likely be the lowest attendance of the year.  Portland State was 2-9 last FCS football. Here is to hoping we crush them and avoid any early season embarrassment.