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POP Goes the Bubble: Sun Devils On the Outside Looking In

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And just like that, the thoughts of whether we had to beat Washington to make the tournament are quieted.  In what can only sum up our season, ASU lost in a frustrating fashion in the first round of the Pac-10 Tournament to Stanford.  17 turnovers will doom any team, especially a team that relies on defense and long possession offense.  So can we still make the dance?  Unlikely.  

Washington beat OSU tonight in a close game and likely jump the Devils as one of the last four teams in.  ASU looked pathetic on the court and didn't prove to anyone that they wanted to be out there.  The team that played tonight doesn't deserve to be in the tournament.  

So bring on the NIT.  I hope we play the freshmen.  It's time for them to get some "big" game experience as we need them to carry this team next year.  With some maturity and their athleticism, the Devils will likely be in competition for one of the top 3 spots in the Pac-10.  In what was an all around frustrating push to make the tournament, we can only sit and wait.  I know for one thing, I don't have my hopes up.