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Erratic Mike Leake Locks Down Victory For... The Cincinnati Reds

Leake looks better in maroon.
Leake looks better in maroon.

Mike Leake has made the unthinkable jump - straight from college to the majors. Just based on the line, you'd think Leake had a great game. 6.1 innings, 106 pitches, four hits, five strikeouts. That doesn't tell the whole story, however.

Only 57 of the 106 pitches Leake threw today were for strikes. He walked seven batters and couldn't seem to locate the strike zone. It didn't hurt his line today, but he has a long way to go before that 1.35 ERA is a realistic depiction of his abilities.

Still, Leake's achievement is a significant one when you consider where he was pitching in 2009: Packard Stadium. Our program is well known for developing quality players, and Leake is no exception.

As for some of our other former Sun Devils:

Brett Wallace is now a member of the Las Vegas 51s (AAA) after being traded to Toronto. He's hitting .300 and looks to be part of Toronto's long term plans.

Jeff Larish is back in AAA after playing for the Detroit Tigers in 2009.

Travis Buck is hitting .190 for the Athletics.

Willie Bloomquist is 0-for-4 on the season riding the bench for the Royals.

Dustin Pedroia is hitting .250 with 2 HRs this season for the Red Sox.

Ike Davis is at AAA Buffalo for the Mets. He's hitting .400 so far.

Andre Ethier is hitting .333 for the Dodgers.