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Remember ASU Baseball in 2007? Well, we now won 5 games that year.

ASU has imposed sanctions on themselves for a host of recruiting violations that occurred under former head coach. These include:

  • Vacating 44 of 49 wins in 2007
  • Vacating postseason honors in 2007
  • Prohibiting recruiting phone calls in July of 2010 and 2011
  • Reduce the number of permitted prospect visits from 25 to 9
  • Reduce the number of scholarships by 2 by 2011
  • Collect annual audits of all phone calls

Wow, these are some harsh self imposed sanctions by Lisa Love.

"Arizona State University remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in its athletics programs," Arizona State athletic director Lisa Love said in a statement. "ASU baseball, in particular, based on a remarkable, competitive heritage has the unique potential to be exemplary on and off the field.

Neat, Lisa -- but how about we also commit to maintaining the highest standards of winning too?  Frankly, I know we are not the only school who did this sort of thing, Murphy is gone, and this is going to hamstring whoever our next head coach is for the next two years.

Ugh.  Basketball players leaving, football recruiters leaving, this...

Some good news next? Plz?