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ASU Basketball: How the roster stands today post-defection edition

ASU has 13 scholarships to offer basketball players. Here is where we stand --

Ty Abbott, senior, 6-3, guard.
Rihards Kuksiks, senior, 6-6, forward.
Jamelle McMillan, senior, 6-2, guard.
Brandon Dunson, junior, 6-2, guard.
Trent Lockett, sophomore, 6-4, guard.
Ruslan Pateev, sophomore, 7-0, center.
Victor Rudd, sophomore, 6-7, forward.
Jordan Bachynski, freshman, 7-2, center.
Corey Hawkins, freshman, 6-2, guard.
Keala King, freshman, 6-5, guard.
Chanse Creekmur, freshman, 6-7 forward.

Note: Kuksiks is considering playing professionally in Europe next season

So, there seems to be 2 spots open. As the roster stands now... I like it. Two 7 footers, some midsized players, a number of guards..hopefully Kuksiks doesn't leave for Europe.

I'd like if we added 6'8 McCombs, and Royce Williams. The roster looks good though, despite the departures of Walker and Co.