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Pat Tillman Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame

Pat Tillman has been inducted into the college football hall of fame, as fans across the country celebrate his achievements and his ultimate sacrifice. What a well-deserved honor for a fallen hero.

Tillman was the Pac-10 conference's defensive player of the year in 1997, capping off a great college career that brought a lot of exposure to the valley. Tillman then took his game to the Arizona Cardinals, where he played for four seasons.

After 9/11, he gave up his football career to help defend our nation in Afghanistan. Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire in 2004, and our community has done a great job of keeping his memory alive. We celebrate his sacrifice by holding Pat's Run on the ASU campus, where participants run 4.2 miles and cross the finish at the 42-yard line in Sun Devil Stadium.

What could be more fitting than to honor him with the hall of fame?

Once again, we take this opportunity to salute Pat Tillman. He is an example to all of us for what it truly means to be an American, and to fight for what you believe in.