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ASU Baseball In The College World Series: Do Valley Fans Care?

Sports fans in Arizona are known for their fair-weather temperament. Heck, we're fair-weather everything - look at the way valley drivers react to rainstorms during monsoon season. Are we just apathetic towards mediocrity, or does it run deeper than that?

Arizona State University has some excellent sports programs, none of which are big moneymakers (football is awful, and basketball is only just starting to earn respect nationally). ASU may have one of the top 3 baseball programs in the nation, but it's hard to gauge whether or not Phoenix residents even know or care about the team.

With a stadium that holds less than 5,000 fans and television ratings very hard to come by, I can only guess at the actual fanbase of ASU baseball. My question: should the university be investing more money into its baseball team to bring allure to its most prestigious sport?

As far as I can tell, the baseball team is receiving a fair bit of media coverage right now. They are the only good news in Arizona sports at the moment (the Diamondbacks are abysmal and Steve Kerr leaving town really puts a damper on the great 2009-2010 season). Sure, the Coyotes are going to stay, but who cares.

ASU alumni should be wearing their maroon and gold with pride this weekend, making it clear to those around them that they are pulling for the Sun Devils to come home from Omaha with the title. Viewing parties should be set up by local bars and restaurants. Youth leagues should be motivated to watch the amateur game unfold at the highest level - ASU baseball

Packard Stadium needs to be renovated, and additional seats need to be added. If it means we have to endure a little more construction hassle on Rural and Rio Salado, so be it. The team deserves to be well-funded, well-supported and appreciated by the entire city, not just the diehards and the boosters.

In a town that supports a winner, ASU baseball should be the hottest ticket.