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Sun Devil Alum Designs New Football Uniforms: House Of Sparky Exclusive

UPDATE: 3:30 PM April 12: The official event has happened, check out a picture of thew new ASU jerseys and some basketball player reaction!

UPDATE, 5:10 PM April 9th: The unveiling of the "new look of ASU athletics" is tonight.

Hello everyone. Our good friend Nick Trahan, who was kind enough to take pictures for us at the 2009 Pac-10 Tournament in Los Angeles, has mocked up a design for the ASU football jerseys.

The look is very different, and I think it would give us a touch of street credibility during a time when we're not winning very many games.

What do you think? Feel free to comment on the design, but be nice! It looks like he worked hard on it.

UPDATE: If you're looking for discussion on what's going to happen this weekend during the big unveiling, check out this post. Here's looking at new uniforms, new logo... and maybe more?