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Drew Maggi Signs With Pittsburgh Pirates, Gets Cool $468,000 Bonus

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ASU's prized shortstop, Drew Maggi, signed with Pittsburgh at the MLB signing deadline. Despite being picked up in the 15th round, Maggi was offered an extremely generous signing bonus, and he smartly decided to head for the minor leagues.

Maggi hit .326 on the year for the Devils, and stole 36 bases. Maggi's OBP was over .400 in both his seasons at Arizona State.

Here is what Pirates Prospects says about the deal:

The sophomore shortstop from Arizona State received $468,000, which is $318,000 over MLB's recommended maximum of $150,000 after the fifth round.  The bonus is equivalent to a late second round slot price, and is the second highest announced bonus so far

In other news, second round pick Jordan Swagerty still has not signed with the St. Louis Cardinals, although according to their official site, the "deal is imminent."

As for the rest of the Sun Devil draftees?

Other Sun Devils who have signed pro contacts are pitchers Seth Blair, Merrill Kelly, Josh Spence, Jimmy Patterson and Jake Borup, outfielder Kole Calhoun, third baseman Raoul Torrez and catcher Xorge Carrillo. Recruits Taylor Lindsey and Travis Flores also signed.

Next year will tell a lot about the future of the Arizona State baseball program.