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Live GameThread: Sun Devils Take On Lumberjacks

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I just finished watching James Madison pull off a huge upset against a drained Virginia Tech squad. While I personally feel bad for Boise State, this is a cautionary tale that ASU would do well to pay close attention to.

James Madison is a good FCS team; so is Northern Arizona. We can all agree that Virginia Tech is more talented than Arizona State. Games aren't played in a vacuum, but the Sun Devils need to be on the lookout tonight for a hungry NAU team that will not go home without a fight.

That said, the defense needs to step up and play to their potential, and Steven Threet must continue his solid performance in the pocket. I stand by my prediction in the previous story. ASU 45, NAU 14.

On a more somber note, ASU is doing an admirable job honoring the victims of 9/11 for tonight's game.

Tempe firefighter Rich Woerth will be tonight's "guest Sparky", throwing the pitchfork into the turf as the team runs onto the field.

Woerth was one of many Tempe firefighters who traveled to Manhattan in the aftermath of the attacks to help provide aid and support the survivors.

Interestingly enough, Woerth also played collegiate football at NAU.

Let's discuss the game tonight in this thread, and prepare for the upcoming battle against Wisconsin as well.