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Halftime Report: Wisconsin Somehow Leads ASU 13-10 At The Half

What is going on in Madison?

ASU outplayed Wisconsin in nearly every facet of the first half: The Sun Devils are faster, can throw the ball more efficiently, and are clearly skilled at returning kickoffs.

Despite all of that, the Badgers have a 13-10 lead at the half on the strength of two field goals and one touchdown. Scott Tolzien has been quietly effective, completing 13/18 passes for 170 yards.

The running game of ASU has been strong, with Deantre Lewis picking up 54 yards on two touches, with Cameron Marshall grabbing 25 additional yards.

In the end, the Sun Devils have been unable to put points on the scoreboard: Thomas Weber missed a gimme field goal in the first quarter, and other opportunities (dropped passes, missed throws) have caused Wisconsin to go into the half with a lead.

ASU needs to continue to execute, and they will win this game. The question is, can they play at the same level that they did in the first half?