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Halftime Report: Sun Devils Take Advantage Of Opportunities, Ducks Still Winning 28-24

Sure, it's only halftime and ASU still has a long way to go before the final horn sounds. There's still a lot of football to be played, and Oregon has an offense that can break out at a moment's notice.

But there has been no letdown from last week for the Sun Devils, who came into tonight's game looking to prove that they could hang with the best of the Pac-10. ASU fans, used to a team that could take a beating but couldn't dish it out, are experiencing a true battle tonight.

Steven Threet, outside of an errant pass that was returned for an Oregon touchdown, has controlled every aspect of ASU's offensive game. Threet has already thrown for 232 yards on 18 completions, connecting with Mike Willie and Kerry Taylor for scores.

ASU has employed an interesting offense for this game, utilizing two running backs alongside Threet in the shotgun formation. On most plays, one of the backs will go in motion to the outside, which is a look that the Sun Devils hope will stretch the linebackers.

This tactic has worked thus far, as Threet has been methodical and precise. Gerell Robinson has made several catches up the middle of the field, gaining 78 yards in the first half.

Hats off to Deantre Lewis, who picked up 67 rushing yards and 53 receiving yards in the first half. Despite all of these good things, ASU is still losing to Oregon to the tune of 28-24.