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Sun Devils Schedule Predictor: The Next Four Games

After starting the season 2-2, ASU has to win five Pac-10 games in order to be bowl eligible (only one FCS win will count). I'm naturally curious: which games will we win? Do we have enough juice to get into a snazzy bowl game?

Together, let's find out.

October 2: Road game against Oregon State (1-2, losses to Boise State and TCU)

The Beavers are probably the best 1-2 team in the Pac-10. Their two losses, much like Arizona State's, have come against top-ten teams. They are a work in progress with a new quarterback, but they should not be ignored.

Prediction: ASU Wins

October 9: Road game against Washington (1-2, losses to Nebraska and BYU)

Similar story here, seeing that Washington has played an OOC schedule against solely BCS schools. Jake Locker has not given the fans what they expected, and the Heisman talk has stopped.

They a dangerous team due to Locker's abilities, but until they are displayed on the field, I am going to chalk this up as a win for the Sun Devils.

What's next for the Devils? Find out after the jump.

October 16: Bye week.

October 23: Road game against California (2-2, losses to Arizona and Nevada)

Are you seeing a trend here? The Sun Devils are taking the road three times in a row, but they are visiting teams that aren't at the top of their game. All of these schools can be beaten if ASU executes its game plan and stops making silly mistakes.

Cal was dismantled by a very good Nevada team, and should have won the game against Arizona last weekend. It's hard to judge the personality of this team, but it's quite clear that they don't score too many touchdowns. Vontaze Burfict will play a big role in this game.

Prediction: ASU Wins

So, am I crazy? The next three games are all road games, and I'm willing to give them all to ASU? I don't think it makes me nuts. We looked great against Wisconsin on the road - the only things we need to change are the mistakes and the penalties. Coach Erickson is fixing that right now, I assure you.

October 30: Home game against Washington State (1-3, losses to USC, Southern Methodist and Oklahoma State)

Washington State has been reamed by any respectable team for the past few years, and I think ASU will be flying high into this game. Give Wazzu some seasons to work out the kinks and I think we will see competitive football in Pullman again - just not anytime this season.

Prediction: ASU WINS BIG!!

Wow. So I just predicted that ASU would win their next four games, bringing their record to 6-2. Am I a homer? Yes.