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Friday Night Rundown: Arizona Takes On Toledo, Masoli Cleared To Play For Mississippi

The Arizona Wildcats are in Toledo tonight taking on the Rockets. U of A was flagged for holding in their own endzone, thus giving up a safety. Arizona is currently beating Toledo 14-2 in the second quarter.

Lets take a look at some stories around town about ASU and other items of interest:

Jeremiah Masoli wins appeal, is cleared to play for Ole Miss immediately - USA Today

Sun Devils open season with advantage over Vikings | ASU News | The State Press | Arizona State University
State Press reporter Nick Ruland takes a look at both teams in Saturday’s season opener.

On Football Eve in Tempe, Sun Devils Still Face Questions | Pitchfork Nation
Cameron Marshall has a chance to be a big change-of-pace to the Devils air attack.

Time For Arizona State Football: Sparky Needs A Jolt! - SB Nation Arizona
With the release of The Tillman Story, we're reminded of some of the great players in recent ASU football history. It's time for Dennis Erickson to live up to some of his hype and put ASU back on track.