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ASU Looks To Recover From Terrible Road Loss, Take On Oregon Ducks In Eugene

Wow. ASU looked terrible on Thursday, losing 80-58 to the Oregon State Beavers. With Trent Lockett out with an injury, the Sun Devils were unable to get anything going in the second half and were blown away by a middling OSU team. Without an adjustment, ASU will find themselves squarely on the bottom rung of the Pac-10.

Tonight, the Sun Devils look to recover against the Oregon Ducks, a team that was defeated 76-57 by the Arizona Wildcats on Thursday night. Neither of these teams are particularly good, and it depends entirely on whether or not Trent Lockett plays tonight (which isn't likely, but who knows, right?).

Coach Herb Sendek was not pleased with the team's effort on Thursday, which should be obvious to those who follow the team. There is a lack of consistency on defense and the offense is plain awful. No one moves, no one slices the defense - it's just putrid right now.

Please, Sun Devils, learn from your mistakes. Work as hard as you can and make this season a respectable one. It's your duty and your mission.

UPDATE: Trent Lockett will not be playing tonight, per Doug Tammaro, ASU's Sports Information Director. Lets talk about the game here.