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Why Will The Sun Devils Win Against Arizona? Jamelle McMillan Returns!

I'm not usually one who makes bold predictions that aren't based in logic or fact... *crickets*

Okay, so I've been known to state my opinion. What is it this time? Jamelle McMillan is going to lead the Sun Devils to a huge upset victory over the Wildcats in Tucson today.

Ty Abbott is peaking at the right time after exploding for 25 points on 7 for 13 shooting from beyond the arc against Tulsa on Wednesday. We are starting to see Carrick Felix develop into a quality player in just his freshman season. 

It's interesting to note that Trent Lockett and Kyle Cain played sparingly against the Golden Hurricane -- it's possible they were being rested for today's matchup against Arizona. Another angle? Their replacements can really play basketball.

The Arizona Wildcats have played excellent basketball in 2010-2011, but there is nothing like a rivalry game. Tensions are raised and focus is sharpened. Despite a talent gap wider than the I-10, ASU is still more than capable of defeating UA today.

We will know fairly early in the contest just who came to play. Will the Sun Devils get out to a fast start and also play quality defense, or will Derrick Williams walk all over Ruslan Pateev? Watch for the Sun Devils zone to be very active today.

In the end, we're just fans who hope for the best. But that doesn't mean we can't write crazy, optimistic pieces that end in two words: GO DEVILS.