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ASU Basketball: A Quick Look At The Washington St. Cougars

The Washington St. Cougars have made strides in 2010-2011, earning a 13-5 record so far on the year. They have had losses against tough competition (Kansas St. Wildcats, Butler Bulldogs) and 3 road losses in Pac-10 play.

Point guard Reggie Moore returns after being suspended for their game against Stanford due to allegations of marijuana possession. He is a gifted player and will boost the Cougs tonight.

Wazzu's top contributor is Klay Thompson, who has come into his own this season. He's averaging 22.3 points a game and generally giving everyone fits. Keep an eye on Faisal Aden, who is a capable scorer at 14.8 ppg.

The Cougars are a team that have steadily improved in recent years since new coach Ken Bone took over in 2009. Replacing Tony Bennett was a difficult hole to fill, but Bone has done an admirable job.

Realistically, the Sun Devils will have a difficult time matching up with these Cougs, being a road game in a desolate location. Trent Lockett and Ty Abbott will have to show up in a big way for ASU to stay in this game, and I'm not entirely sure they will.

Come on Devils!