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Know The Foe: California Golden Bears Q&A

In anticipation of today's barnburner between ASU and California, the California Golden Blogs and I exchanged questions regarding our teams. CGB contributor LeonPowe sent over these answers, and you can find my Q&A on their site.

1. What happened against OSU? (Arizona?) -

LP: We had some bad bounces that didn't go our way, maybe one or two possessions either way, some missed free throws, some uncalled fouls - maybe home court cooking. But we played one of our better games of the year, and one that gets Cal fans excited about the next couple of years, especially seeing Alan Crabbe, our star frosh in the making - start to come into his own. Arizona is clearly a better team, and was playing at home, but we went toe to toe with them and lost by one possession.

2. What is Cal's biggest weakness this year?

LP: Depth, youth and a weakness at point guard. We have two experienced post players (Kamp and Markhuri Sanders-Frison) and one experienced wing (Jorge Gutierrez) who are now our leaders, when in the past they were role players and energy defenders. Our most talented player (Crabbe) is a frosh. The two main back-ups in the front court (Richard Solomon and Bak Bak) are a freshman and a foreign project. The main guard back-up just decided to transfer, so our starting point guard is a nice player, but not really a Pac-10 level starter (Brandon Smith) and behind him is a former walk-on (Nigel Carter) and an even more raw freshman (Emerson Murray). We can be easily pressured into turnovers, and our best passers happen to be our post players.

3. How many teams do you anticipate making the tournament from the Pac-10?

LP: Two. Washington and Arizona.

4. Who should ASU fans be concerned with?

LP: Kamp and MSF will put together decent scoring games from the post, but if Crabbe continues to gain confidence, he has the most potential to go off. Guiterrez, I'm sure will piss off your entire student section. He's one of those payers who you love on your own team, but he's the biggest asshole in the entire world if he's on the other side.

5. Oregon or Auburn?

LP: Oregon. . . . wait a sec. Oww! Oww! A cramp!

Best of luck to the CGB and I appreciate their fine site.