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ASU Football Bye Week Here At Perfect Time

Yes, Saturday's loss to Oregon was a crushing blow to ASU fans across this country. We thought we could slay a giant, but we were left with a 14-point loss. I had a difficult time getting over it, which is why it has been several days since a post has gone up on the site (my bad).

With that said, we're still in great shape. At 5-2, we could theoretically run the table with the rest of our schedule being as manageable as it is (no Stanford and no Washington gives us a great chance at regaining some momentum here).

The schedule picks back up on the 29th of October against the Colorado Buffaloes, a team that has had a tough time adjusting the Pac-12 level of play. After that, consecutive road games against UCLA and Washington State provide minor challenges, but are definitely winnable. Finally, the home stretch brings Arizona and California to Tempe.

Should the Sun Devils run the gamut, they will be in the Pac-12 Championship Game and could still possibly host based on what happens in the North from here on out.

Basically, I'm saying to remember that we've had a lot of injuries and yet we're still in a prime position. Our team is very good, and has a chance to be great with time. Allow us to support these guys through the good and bad.

Go Devils.