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ASU vs. Colorado: Sun Devils Halloween Costumes

Believe it or not, but Arizona State hasn't played at home since October 1, when they defeated the Oregon State Beavers 35-20. Since then, ASU has played road games against Utah and Oregon, with a bye week thrown in for good measure.

The Devils have a homecoming of sorts on Saturday afternoon, with a nice early start allowing everyone to go to the game and then dress up for Halloween festivities on Saturday night.

With that said, what are the Devils going to be dressed as this Halloween? Lets pick out some costumes for our favorite players.

Vontaze Burfict: If this crazy guy threw on a purple Ravens jersey, he could easily convince everyone he was Ray Lewis. More likely, however, he would make a better impression dressed as this guy.

Brock Osweiler: Didn't you know? Brock is TALL. ESPN likes to point out that bit of information every time he takes the field. He's six foot, eight inches! Tallest quarterback in the FBS! Has a blue oxen named Babe! Yep. That easy.

Omar Bolden: I love his dreads. That hair is worth a million bucks. But since he can't play just yet, he might want to try out a new career in music.

What about the rest of the gang? Do you guys have any ideas for Cameron Marshall, Shelly Lyons or maybe even Alex Garoutte? Lay em on me.