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ASU vs. Colorado: Q&A With Buffaloes Blog, Ralphie Report

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With ASU taking the field tomorrow to play the Colorado Buffaloes for the first time in conference play, we took some time to talk with Jon Woods at Ralphie Report. Our answers to his questions can be found here!

1. After eight games, Colorado is 1-7. Is this what you expected going into the 2011 season? Your schedule, after all, has been extremely tough.

The record certainly isn't what we expected, but we knew this season was most likely going to be a major rebuilding year. The other writers on the site and I preached all year that this team had plenty of talent and could make some noise if they stayed very healthy. Because of a pretty severe lack of depth, we were worried about what would happen if the Buffs lost one of their key players. Well, you're now seeing what would happen if Colorado lost ALL OF THEM.

2. What's your take on the offensive output of the Buffaloes so far? Tyler Hansen, Rodney Stewart, Paul Richardson -- did these guys live up to the billing before their injuries?

All three of them were having great seasons before they got hurt. Hansen had drastically cut down on his mistakes (13 TD's and 4 Int's this year after 6 and 6 last year) and had continued to make things happen despite not having a whole lot of time in the pocket. Speedy Stewart had struggled on the ground due to poor play from a banged up (sensing a theme here) offensive line but had excelled in the screen game and was the team's number two receiver. Richardson's numbers declined after his record breaking game against Cal, but the increased attention on him was opening up other receivers to make plays. Unfortunately it's likely that none of the three will play on Saturday.

3. Give us 25 words or less on your thoughts on the Pac-12 in 2011.

Despite a near worst-case scenario season, it's still one of the best things that could have happened to this athletic department. Buffs fans are ecstatic, it's a perfect fit.

4. We've all seen bits and pieces of Colorado football games this year. They seem competitive most of the time, but the loss to Oregon was absolutely brutal. What did the team learn against the Ducks last week?

Oh man, that we need to get a lot faster and we have a ton of young guys that are getting valuable experience (only 3 or 4 of the incoming class still has their redshirts).

5. When will CU become a factor in their new conference?

If Nick Hirschman or Texas transfer Connor Wood can step up at the quarterback position next season the Buffs should be vastly improved in Jon Embree's second season. I don't know that there's enough talent to challenge for a South division title, but a bowl game should definitely be a goal. Beyond that, it will all depend on recruiting.

6. Do people in Boulder smoke as much marijuana as the internet makes it sound?

Of the students, probably not more than any other college population. In Boulder, however, there are a lot more than just students partaking. Good luck on Saturday guys.

Thanks, Jon!