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Sun Devils show signs of past, pull through for victory

Usually it takes a few games to define a college football team, however the 2011 Sun Devils are an anomaly.

Just when you think they are for real, they lose at Illinois. Then, they beat USC and restore faith.

But, they follow that up with a slow start against Oregon State.

ASU did beat the Beavers and they did impress the fans in the second half, but four turnovers really left the fans scratching their heads in confusion.

By rallying together and pulling off the come from behind win, the 2011 Sun Devils did show more heart than teams on the past.

On a positive note, ASU showed the courage and guts necessary to be a winning program. They showed that they have what it takes to win and that they know how to win.

Knowing how to finish teams and secure wins had been a problem for Sun Devil teams over the past three seasons so Saturday's victory was a welcomed sight.

However, most positive things in life often occur with, or as a result of, something negative and ASU's victory over OSU was no exception.

The Sun Devils started the game in very sloppy fashion. They turned the ball over on their first three possessions and were lucky to find themselves only facing a 13 point deficit.

Yes, the Devils were able to rally and come back, but you have to wonder what would have happened if they had been playing a more talented team.

How much would they have been down? Would the comeback have still been possible?

The slow start showed me that this team is still a bit of a mystery. While they are certainly talented enough to win the South, they still do some things that make you wonder why.

With that being said, I still think they will win the South and finish 9-3 on the season.