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Prediction Time: ASU Travels to Utah

Here we are again. Friday night and only 15 hours away from gametime. The Devils are traveling to Utah to take on the Utes in a showdown that hasn't happened since 1993. While Utah was a preseason favorite to challenge for the Pac-12 South Title, it looks like they are just barely clinging on to hope. The Devils can put them away with a victory all while setting themselves apart from the rest of the South Division. So how will it all play out tomorrow? Well, I'm about to tell you.

Pregame: It will be rocking, rolling, and everything but snowing up in Utah. If you haven't been to the Salt Lake area before, the people are friendly, and very passionate about their sports teams. Utes fans fit the mold. Rice-Eccles Stadium is going to prove to be one of the more challenging places for Pac-12 teams to travel to. Not only is it a new venue to the Pac, it's one that exudes home field advantage. The Devils better be ready for this one.

Coin Flip: The Utes win it and kick to the Devils

First Quarter: No, say it ain't so. My heart can't take this again. The Devils come out flat and throw a interception on the first drive. The Utes return it to the Devils 25 and once again we are relying on the D to come up with a big stop. Can they pull through? They are battle tested and hold Utah to a FG. On the next drive the Devils pick up a few first downs before a holding call stalls the drive. After both teams trade posessions, the score ends up at 3-0 Utah after the first.

Second Quarter: Utah takes the opening posession of the 2nd quarter and marches down into ASU territory. The Devils are left with chasing a quick and mobile Jon Hays, with Jordan Wynns injury. A hungry and ambitious Vontaze Burfict makes it his personal mission to welcome Hays to D1 football in the most appropriate way. He sacks him, forces a fumble, and picks it up to scoot down the field for a 70 yd TD. He might not be as quick as Cameron Marshall or Jamal Miles, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to have to tackle him. The Devils take a 7-3 lead. It is a slow moving quarter as neither team does much on offense. So far its the D shining in this one. The half ends 7-3 Devils.

Halftime: Halftime in Utah is about as exciting as Nascar during the Superbowl. Nothing happens and the teams come out.

Third Quarter: Utah starts the half off with a big play over the top to Dres Anderson. Anderson's 4.4 speed carries him inside the 10 before Alden Darby finally catches up and keeps him from scoring a TD. The rest of the D follows suit and helps to hold the Utes to another FG, closing the Devils lead to 1. On a short kickoff, Jamal Miles carries breaks through the ST unit and flies towards the end zone. With one player to beat, Miles hurdles the defender and crosses the goal line, giving the Devils a momentum turning 14-6 lead. It's all Devils from there. Marshall and Mike Willie add TDs in the third quarter and the Devils go up 28-6 heading into the final 15 minutes of the game.

Fourth Quarter: The fourth quarter goes exactly how Devils fans were hoping. They run the ball and milk the clock, while the defense keeps Hays in check. Middlebrooks adds a 32-yd TD to put the Utes away for good. No dramatics on this sunny Saturday afternoon in the SLC. The Devils shake hands with the Utes and head back to Tempe 5-1. Bring on the Ducks.