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Amid Losing Streak, Some Sun Devils Threatening Records

If you are a fan of the Arizona State Sun Devils, the last two weeks have been devastating. Some good news could be a bit of a morale booster. 

You're in luck.

Lost in the panic and dismay of the current two-game losing streak are the stellar individual performances of three members of the offense. It's been so good, in fact, that the school's record book could very well be re-written very soon.

With at least three games remaining, quarterback Brock Osweiler, running back Cameron Marshall and wide receiver Gerell Robinson are all at or near record paces for some key single-season marks.

This is in addition to the record set this past week when Jamal Miles returned his third kickoff for a touchdown, more than any Sun Devil in history.

Should ASU rally and overtake UCLA for the Pac-12 South title, Osweiler, Marshall and Robinson will get the benefit of a 14th game. Let's take a look at what records each player is approaching and their projected finish with both three and four remaining games.

Brock Osweiler

Passing Yards - Current Record: 3,877 by Andrew Walter in 2002

Through ten games, Osweiler has thrown for 2,890 yards, already the fifth most in school history. His 351 yard night against Washington State was the fourth time this season he reached the 300-yard mark, and in Noel Mazzone's offense, he doesn't figure to slow down anytime soon.

13 Game Projected Finish: 3,757

14 Game Projected Finish: 4,046 (new record)

Passing Touchdowns - Current Record: 30 by Andrew Walter in 2004

Osweiler has thrown a touchdown in every game this season, and has multiple touchdowns in eight of the 10 games this season. He'll face Arizona's 112th ranked pass efficiency defense this week before facing a tough challenge with Cal, who ranks 27th. His single touchdown game in Pullman pulled him slightly behind a record pace, but he's still very close.

13 Game Projected Finish: 26

14 Game Projected Finish: 28

Completions - Current Record: 274 by Andrew Walter in 2002

Already with 239, Osweiler's 2011 total already ranks fourth all-time. This is one record which Osweiler should shatter barring injury.

13 Game Projected Finish: 311 (new record)

14 Game Projected Finish: 335 (new record)

Completion Percentage - Current Record: 61.8% by Rudy Carpenter in 2007

Not only does Osweiler sling it around the field a lot (he should also break the passing attempts record), but he is completing those passes with greater accuracy than any quarterback in school history. With the offense's reliance on short passes, this record will be a virtual certainty.

Projected Finish: 64.8% (new record)

Cameron Marshall

Rushing Touchdowns - Current Record: 18 by Terry Battle in 1996 and Woody Green in 1972

After a two touchdown effort in the season opener, Marshall went two straight games without seeing the end zone. That ended with his first carry against USC, a scintillating 70-yard score, and Marshall has scored at least one touchdown in every game since, including three multiple touchdown games. In addition, Marshall is on pace to become the first 1,000 yard rusher for ASU since Ryan Torain in 2006.

13 Game Projected Finish: 18

14 Game Projected Finish: 20 (new record)

Gerell Robinson

Receiving Yards - Current Record: 1,405 by Shaun McDonald in 2002

It's been a tale of two seasons for Robinson. Long labeled with the dreaded "potential" tag and then turning that into a disappointing season, Robinson started off moderately through the season's first five games, tallying 19 receptions for 214 yards. Yet since the win over Utah, Robinson has taken that long awaited next step, eclipsing 100-yards four times in five games (and getting close with 89 against Colorado), and each one of them surpassed the prior one in becoming his career-best. His most recent 158 yard output against Washington State gives his 901 on the season and has him on the radar to break the record if he can keep up his torrid pace of late. He should also become the first 1,000 yard receiver since Derek Hagan in 2005.

13 Game Projected Finish: 1,171

14 Game Projected Finish: 1,261

Yards Per Reception - Current Record (51+ Receptions): 18.8 by Keith Poole in 1995

Not only is Robinson becoming the go-to target, he's also become one of the best deep threats in the conference. He's established a niche along the seams and in the middle of the field, where his 6'4" frame creates match-up nightmares for defenders. He's currently averaging an excellent 18.0 on the season, and his lowest average in a game since October 15th has been 19.8.

Projected Finish: 18.0