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ASU vs. California Predictions, Projections For Friday Night Fight

ASU is now officially eliminated from the Pac-12 South race, as the UCLA Bruins will represent the division in the first-ever Pac-12 Championship Game.

Needless to say, I am baffled and disappointed by the marked downturn in play by the Sun Devils in the past three weeks. Now that the only thing left to play for is the Alamo Bowl, lets take a look at the ASU/Cal game predictions from our staff.

Matt Levine: Following a 3rd straight loss, the Devils are officially the most disappointing team in all of college football. It's a redundancy that we Devils fans have had to deal with. Entering the Cal game, our defense has been more porous than a sponge. I'm pretty sure I could complete a 60 yd TD pass, and I can hardly throw a football. So, what's the story on senior night? Well, it's time to say so long to Bolden, as Erickson commented that he's not playing this season and is concentrating on his future. Goodbye to Robinson. Here is a player who was underwhelming for three years, but has really stepped up this year (besides a few mental mistakes). I wish he had another year of eligibility, because I think he could've really become an elite WR. We lose a number of other players, but these 2 are the ones who standout the most. On to tonight's game. I expect the Devils to win this one. I sat through last years stomping by Cal, and I want redemption. If I want redemption, the Devils should want it more. I think the offense plays lights out today putting up 45 points. The D will struggle at times, but do enough to pull out the victory. Devils will win 45-28 and the MVP is all of those in attendance. It's been a tough season and we should be rewarded with continuing to support this team.

Brad Denny: This is a nightmare of a match-up for ASU. Cal boasts one of the best defenses in the nation and is playing its best football of the year. The Bears' defense makes as many plays in their opponent's backfield as any team, and with ASU's shaky line, they'll be able to rattle Brock Osweiler and limit Cameron Marshall. It will fall to the Devils' defense to keep the team in the game, a dangerous proposition at best. ASU has struggled against tall wide receivers, and Cal had two good ones in Keenan Allen and Marvin Jones, as well as a top back in Isi Sofele. ASU will have no one to blame but themselves in this 27-24 loss.

Cory Williams: With nothing to play for but "pride", the Sun Devils show just how little they care against the Cal Bears, a team that was angling for bowl positioning. Osweiler has an off night and the team doesn't really show too much tenacity on defense. Cal being a mediocre team keeps this one close, but the Devils lose once again, this time 34-24. MVP: Keenan Allen.