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Dennis Erickson Fired: ASU Looks Back At 2007-2011

It's finally over. From 6-2 to 6-6, the drop was precipitous and has forced out head coach Dennis Erickson. The Arizona St. Sun Devils will have a new head coach in 2012.

His five years in Tempe were like a roller coaster -- a lot of promise and excitement boiled over into a great 2007 campaign, followed by a meandering array of highs and lows that never really went anywhere. The Sun Devils are no closer to being a player in the Pac-12 than they were in 2006, when Dirk Koetter was relieved of his duties.

DE's tenure in Tempe will be remembered for a few things: the horrible quarterback play of Danny Sullivan, the lack of discipline and underwhelming results. It's easy to blame Erickson, but he was without a lot of his best talent in 2011 (Deantre Lewis, Brandon Magee and Omar Bolden) while still getting out to a very respectable 6-2 start.

His defense failed him, but the lack of discipline was his fault alone. For this lack of accountability on the sidelines, the coaching position must be given to a new, vibrant coach that will take ASU back to the top of the heap.

Thanks for the effort, Dennis. It's unfortunate that your inability to execute will be our most lasting memory of you.