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Speak Of The Devils Breaks Down The ASU Coaching Candidates

After their November collapse, the Arizona State Sun Devils stand at a crossroads, with a disappointing season behind them and the search for a new coach up ahead.

With so much going on around the program, the Speak of the Devils podcast is here to bring you the inside information and analysis you need.

In Part 1, we talk to Adam Kramer of the popular Kegs 'n Eggs blog to get a look at ASU from a national perspective. Then we go in-depth with Hod Rabino of Devils Digest to get the latest inside info on ASU's search and the impact of the firing on recruits.

In Part 2, we don't just give out a top five or 10 list, we go in-depth and analyze the hot candidates, the dark horses and everything in between--24 names in all. The pros, the cons, the probability and the price, this is the most complete and in-depth analysis of the search yet.

Listen now. Stream Part 1 and Part 2, or check it out on iTunes.