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The Devil Daily Dish: Friday Lunch Links For ASU Football, Boise

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Howdy, Sun Devil Nation. Time for your lunch time links!

ASU football enters a coaching transition
On one hand, the Sun Devils are planning for a new era under coach Todd Graham, who was hired Wednesday. On the other, they still have one last game under Dennis Erickson, next week's Las Vegas Bowl against Boise State. It's not an ideal situation.

Defending ASU's Hire Of Todd Graham - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Graham left his position at Pittsburgh for a better situation for his family. That is something people do everyday. I know people who have left their job after one year because they got offered a better one. At the end of the day, Graham owes it to his family to take the best position that he can.

Todd Graham job hop to Arizona State shows weakness of NCAA – Sentinel Sports Now – Orlando Sentinel
I feel for the football players at the University of Pittsburgh. After being jerked around for the past year with instability at the coaching helm, their former head coach Todd Graham sucker-punched Pitt players with a shocking announcement that he’d accepted the Arizona State coaching through, wait for it….a text message.

Pittsburgh Panthers’ Cam Saddler: Todd Graham Better Not Dare Come Back and Attempt to Meet With Us
Pitt wide receiver Cam Saddler, one of the team’s leaders, spoke out on the situation, describing how Todd Graham spoke often of his money and the shock that the players were experiencing. At the mention of Graham possibly returning to meet with the team after leaving so hastily, Saddle said Graham better not dare come back.

What I'd like to see in the bowl game (and you should too) - One Bronco Nation Under God
Somehow there's only 6 days until the Broncos take the field and put a bow on the 2011 season. Any way you look at it, it was another successful season for the Broncos even if not every rung on the ladder was ascended. But here we are—less than a week from one last game day and one last time watching the likes of Kellen Moore, Billy Winn, Shea McClellin and everyone's favorite steroidal rodent, Doug Martin. We've talked about why this game might be better than some think, now let''s discuss our wants and desires for the swan song of 2011. We're a needy bunch, aren't we?